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Great news! A Warm congratulations to Power-Time's being awarded of Certificate of National High-tech Enterprise!

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Update time : 2019-12-09 15:43:41
The passing 2019 is a year of hard working, a turning year, and a lucky year.  In 2019, good news  came one by another through  the joint efforts of the management  team and all employees in  Power-Time. Today, the "Shenzhen's First Batch of Proposed High-tech Enterprises in 2019" was announced by the National High-tech Enterprise Certification Management Bureau on their website.  As a comprehensive high-tech company,  the company was included in the list, marking the technology And the level of innovation of our company has taken another step, congratulations!

The following is the notice document of the “Notice on Shenzhen's First Batch of Lists of High-tech Enterprises for 2019”.

During the 15 years ever since the company was established, the company has always maintained rapid growth, and we continuously pursuit for Product development and innovation, and has reached international leading level in all aspects. We are far ahead in the industry with the business philosophy of "continuous technological innovation and high-quality products manufacturing".

Being rated as a National High-tech Enterprise this time is exactly an incentive for the company. It will definitely enhance the company’s  independent innovation and research & development, and it is also a milestone in the company’s development history. In the future, the  company will continue to strengthen investment in scientific research and technology, stimulate enthusiasm for independent innovation, improve scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and strive to become the backbone of the industry.

Finally, thank you all  for your support!

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