Ear bone conduction headset

Item No.: PTE-540
Description Specification
Ear Bone Conduction Headset

This  ear bone conduction headset works well  with  various types of helmet and mask:  it can work in both  half-open or closed helmets, face covers or masks, it's suitable for Swat, Riot, Snipers, chemical defense corps, firemen and security departments etc.
Compatible with various type of tactical helmets,gas masks etc.

* Top noise-canceling, Talk freely under noisy environments.
* comfortable fit and wearing
*  Fire, water and dust resistant

a. ear bone conduction
 it is made of medicinal grade silica gel, soft and comfortable, it's a ring shape    structure , can be closely attached to the back of the head.
b. Eco-friendly cable
  The cable is an Eco-friendly PU cable and a  co-injection molded connector with  strain relief.
  The cable is reinforced with Kevlar, robust design
c. compatibility
  compatible with various  walkie talkies. Two kinds of PTT switch: Big size PTT and finger PTT for choice

1.Speaker Specification
Type Transducer Moving coil dynamic speaker
Impedance 32±15% Ω AT 1KHZ
Sensitivity 110dB±5%/1mW on a Coupler
Frequency respond 100 Hz~ 4.5 KHz
Rated input power 1mW (Normal)
Maximum input power 300mW
2.Microphone Specification
Type Pickup MIC
Sensitivity Range -38±3dB RL=2.2KΩVs=2.0V(DC)
1KHz 0dB=1V/Pa
Output Impedance   2.2KΩ 1kHz
Frequency respond 300-5KHz
Current Consumption Max 0.5uA (at RL=2.2KΩVs=2.0V(DC))
Max Sound pressure Level 115dB S.P.L( at 1K Hz THD<10%)