Military Tactical bone conduction headset

Item No.: PTE-580
Bone conduction speaker and microphone transfer sound signals to the brain through the temporal bone on both sides of cheeks,effectively reduced background noise when talking.Solved the communication problems in high noise environment
Description Specification

Power-Time Excellent Bone Headphones
Does not rely on eardrum: Let your ears breathe freely, protects your eardrum.  Be alert to the surroundings, Suitable  for complicated environments, good for Swat, sniper, chemical defense corps, etc

* The superiority of reducing full-spectrum noises
* Great speech intelligibility
* Comfortable fit
* Fire-proof cable and headset, Super waterproof resistant, strong and durable.


Apply to all kinds of helmet: it's compatible with all kinds of military helmets.
Adjust firmness freely:  Adjust the firmness of the headset according to head size..
Optional anti-noise earplugs:  equipped  to listen voice very clearly  under high noisy environment
1.Speaker Specification
Type Vibration speaker
Impedance 8±15% Ω AT 1KHZ
Sensitivity 88dB±3%/1W
Resonance Frequency 600HZ±20%
Frequency respond 300 Hz~ 15KHz
Rated input power 1W (Normal)
Maximum input power 2W
2.Microphone Specification
Type Dynamic microphone
Sensitivity Range -47 ± 3dB RL=2.2K Ω Vs=2.0V(DC) 1KHz 0dB=1V/Pa
Output Impedance    2.2KΩ 1kHz
Frequency respond  300-5KHz
Current Consumption Max  0.5uA (at RL=2.2KΩ Vs=2.0V(DC))
Max Sound pressure Level  115dB S.P.L( at 1K Hz THD<10%)