Helmet intercom communication headset

Item No.: AG-10
Helmet intercom communication headset

- It can be used as a full-featured walkie-talkie with 16 frequency channels. It meets international standards and can fully satisfy requirements for use in harsh environments such as wind, snow, sand, dust and noise in the wild.

- For military, police and public market users, etc

- SNR: 28dB
- Durable, shock resistance, light weight 450g
- Comfortable headband
- Good sealing, High comfort ear pad with superior noise reduction performance
- Adjustable Mic, clear voice and high Noise reduction effect
- Simplex voice intercom: press PTT to talk
- Support as much as 6 people talking at the same time
- Long transmission distance: airborne fixed point transmission up to 500m
- Wide frequency coverage: UHF band 400~480 MHz