H-161F/GR military tactical headset

Item No.: PTE-777
PTE-777 headset is designed and made according to military standard MIL-STD-810,can be used in all kinds of weather
Description Specification Accessories

Power-Time Military Communication Headset

This reliable communication headset was  designed to integrate with your day to day activities, it's suitable for infantry and transport troops in HF noise environment,and other military users,etc

Cables and raw materials  comply with the US military standards of MIL-STD-810
Noise canceling microphone, the flexible-mount metal frame can be rotated 360 degrees
Speakers  are embedded inside  the two big earmuffs: they protect eardrums in high noise environment,and ensure users  hear clear voice.
Comfortable fit


a. Flexible microphone structure allows users freely adjust the microphone to suitable position.

b. PTT switch: double pole,double throw toggle switch for radio and intercom communication

c. High-noise headset includes quick disconnected microphone download, is available in single and dual radio configurations,and is replacement of AT H-161F/GR
Speaker Specification at 25℃
Type Dynamic speaker
Impedance 1000Ω±15% @1KHZ
Sensitivity 85±4dB/mW at 1KHz
Frequency 100-3.5KHz
Microphone Specification at 25℃
Type Dynamic MIC
Sensitivity Range -58± 4dB at 1KHz
Impedance Max 150Ω±15% at 1kHz
Frequency 300-3.5KHz

Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature -30ْC~75ْC
Relative Humidity <96%
3 positions switchbox                                            Spiral cable with U161 and AJ107
3 positions switchbox for military communication accessories                                                   Spiral cable for military communication accessories

M-138/G microphone                                                Belt
   Microphone for military communication accessories                                            Belt for military communication accessories