CVC helmet headset with dynamic flexible microphone

Item No.: PTE-746
DH-132 helmets are specially designed for use by personnel operating and manning military armored vehicles
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Power-Time Tactical Communications Headset

The Combat Vehicle Crew helmets, which are made in accordance with MIL-STD-810, are available in several different configurations for specific mission types.

Typical applications for the helmet system are military tanks, troop carriers, and Stryker, LAV and Avenger vehicles.


* Good speech intelligibility
* Full-spectrum noise reduction
* Comfortable fit
* Flexible boom microphone


a. Outer Shell: An outer helmet shell is available in two sizes: Small and Medium/Large, and multiple colors: Black, Green, Olive Drab, Desert Tan, Gray or Foliage Green. Selection of helmet protection is available -- fiberglass (bump only), ballistic protection V50 1400 fps and ballistic protection V50 2150 fps per MIL Standard 662, 17 grain fragmentation simulation. An outer shell is optional.

b. Inner Liner: An inner helmet liner attaches to both the outer helmet shell and communications system. The inner liner is available in two sizes: Small and Medium/Large (fits 5th to 95th percentile), and includes either an impact foam that is skived for ventilation or a high-moisture/high-humidity resistant ventilated foam pads. The liner is made of fire retardant material.
COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM:  The DH-132S/DH-132AS is equipped with an MK-1697/G communications kit (or other optional kits) which includes a microphone (dynamic or noise canceling electret), two earphones (one installed in each ear-cup), a cordset with a lower AP-107XL plug, and a radio-intercom switch.

c. Connector
- The middle connector : NEXUS connector AJ-107XL and AP-107XL
- End connector : U-229/U 5 pin connector x 2 ea 
Headset-MICROPHONE KIT MK-1697/G(5965-00-313-8958)

Microphone M-138/G(5965-00-937-1851)
Type  Transducer Moving coil dynamic speaker
Impedance 1000Ω±15% @1KHZ
Sensitivity 92±3dB/mW at 1KHz
Rated input power 2W
Maximum input power  2W

Earphone M-139/G(5965-00-076-8026)SM-B-933867
Type Transducer Moving coil dynamic MIC
Sensitivity Range -58± 3dB at 1KHz
Impedance Max 150Ω±15% at 1kHz
Frequency 200-4KHz
Tone test 200Hz-4KHz 0.38V

Environmental conditions
Operating Temperature -30ْC~75ْC
Relative Humidity <96%
Atmospheric Pressure 86kPa~106kPa

CVC helmet protection options:Antiriot/Ballistic                            Fire retardant inner shell
Superb tactical communications headset                                                                               
Fire retardant inner shell for tactical communications headset

Y-cable AJ107BR and 2 U229/U connectors                                           M-138/G microphone
Y-cable connectors for tactical communications headset                                                                                 Microphone for tactical communications headset