Heavy duty throat microphone headset

Item No.: PTE-796
Heavy duty throat microphone headset enables exceptional performance in high noise environments including whispered communication
Description Specification

Power-Time Throat Microphone

Adjustable fabric throat band were used, it's soft and comfortable to wear
Applied to Gas masks, special forces, anti-terrorism commando, paratroopers, snipers, etc

* The superiority of reducing full-spectrum noises
* Great speech intelligibility
* Comfortable fit


a. Kevlar reinforced PU cable, more sturdy which is  cold and heat resistant.

b. Crisp  clear transmission and reception

c. Standard acoustic tube, various kinds of listening only earphone for choice
1.Speaker Specification
Type Transducer Moving coil dynamic speaker
Impedance 32±15% Ω AT 1KHZ
Sensitivity 110dB±3dB on a coupler at 1KHz
Frequency respond 300 Hz~ 4 KHz
2.Microphone Specification
Sensitivity range -52 ± 4dB at 2.0V
Frequency respond 100-10KHz