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Cerbair unveils its Chimera all-in-one C-UAS portable system(Anti Drone Guns)
Well known for its anti-drone systems, Cerbair of France has recently disclosed a man-portable system that includes both the detector and the effector. Named Chimera, it is a considerable add-on to the company portfolio.
Detect and diffuse – The top 5 military robots for explosive ordnance disposal
These military robots for explosive ordnance disposal are Driven by BB-2590 rechargeable Li-ion batteries, which are manufactured by several military battery factories in the world, including Bren-Tronics, Ultra-Life in the US, and Power-Time Technology in China
Battlefield Noise cancelling and the Role of Hearing Protection Headphones - DF-5
On the battlefield, the sounds of gunfire and explosions pose a threat to soldiers' hearing, and hearing protection headphones can help reduce hearing damage within a certain range. - DF-5
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