2bay charger for BB-2590,BB-390 battery

Item No.: PTC-390
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Power-Time Two Bay Charger
This is a charger for Lithium Ion BB-2590/U, NiMH BB-390A/U & NiCD BB-590/U batteries

It charges two batteries simultaneously

The charger automatically detects battery type and applies correct charge profile


Unattended charging, intelligent charging technology was adopted, it won't cause  battery over-charged.

The charger automatically detects the type of battery connected and selects the appropriate charge profile

Wide range input voltage 


a. For battery  BB-2590/U,  this  will be  a 1A constant current charge followed by a constant voltage

charge of 16.8V. For BB-390A/U and BB-590/U this is a 1A fast charge followed by a
balance charge which  will be maintained until the battery is disconnected.

b. 115/230V ac, 24V dc input supply
Model no PTC-390
Constant current charge current 1.0A per section
Constant voltage charge voltage 16.8V per section for BB-2590/U
Number of batteries 2
Connections Holder
Output power 70 Watts
AC supply voltage 110V/230V ac, 50/60Hz
DC supply voltage 20V to 36V
BB-2590(PTO-2590 LI-ION)                 BB-390B/U(PTO-390 NI-MH)
BB-2590 two bay charger             BB-390B/U two bay charger